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Herb & Honey Cough Elixer

Weleda Herb & Honey Cough Elixer - 100ml

Weleda Herb & Honey Cough Elixer - 100ml

Dry, irritating coughs are soothed and eased with plant extracts like aniseed, marshmallow root, thyme and Iceland moss. Sweetened with organic honey? itself a powerful anti-infection agent ? and bottled up to keep at hand through the winter, for all the family.

Suitable for vegetarians. NOT suitable for diabetics.

Always read the leaflet

Constituents: Each 5ml dose contains:

Active ingredients:
Aqueous extract from: Althaea office., Rad. (81.5mg) Cetraria islandicus (81.5mg), Marrubium vulgare, Herb (81.5mg), Pimpinella anisum (81.5mg), Sambucus nigra, Flos (81.5mg), Thymus vulgaris (81.5mg).

Other ingredients: Honey (1.90g), Sugar (1.25g), Glycerol (0.63g), Citric Acid (31.30mg).

Important Note: Before use (or consumption if applicable) please always check the label/leaflet/manual of the product for allergens!

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