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Better You Iron 10 Oral Spray

Better You Iron 10 Oral Spray

Better You Iron 10 Oral Spray

Delivering 10mg of iron per 4 sprays, Iron 10 Oral Spray has been scientifically formulated to deliver iron directly into the bloodstream, bypassing primary processing by the gut. The tiny droplets absorb quickly into the buccal membrane of the inner cheek, providing fast, effective nutrient uptake.

Traditional routes of iron supplementation through tablets, capsules and liquids are notoriously known to cause digestive discomfort as iron is an irritant to the digestive tract.

As a result, these traditional iron supplements can cause several negative side effects on the body including constipation, sickness, stomach pains, bloating and heart burn. An iron oral spray avoids these issues.

Fast effective iron absorption – without the digestive discomfort
10mg of highly absorbable iron per dose
Contributes to the reduction in tiredness and fatigue
Supports immunity and normal cognitive function
Natural pomegranate flavour
32 daily doses
Packaging made from carbon negative, plant-based plastic bottle

Important Note: Before use (or consumption if applicable) please always check the label/leaflet/manual of the product for allergens!



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