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Vitamin C 500mg Chewable

Lifeplan Chewable Vitamin C 500mg - 90

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Lifeplan Chewable Vitamin C 500mg - 90

Lifeplan chewable vitamin C tables are pleasant tasting tablets and made to a special formula containing natural source nutritional substances which complement vitamin C for extra effect.
Vitamin C is easily destroyed by temperature variations, light and cooking. It is not stored in the body and a regular fresh supply is required.
Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of blood vessels, bones, cartilage, gums and skin.
For the normal function of teeth, normal energy-yielding metabolism and for the normal functioning of the nervous system.
Suitable for vegetarians.

As a supplement, take one tablet as required.
Do not exceed the recommended intake.
Do not use as a substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle.
Always read the leaflet

NOTE Excessive consumption may produce laxative effects.

Important Notes:
- Products labelled gluten free, egg free and/or dairy free may still contain traces of allergens.
- Before use (or consumption if applicable) please always check the label/leaflet/manual of the product for allergens!



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